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Hey, just call me Lindsey. New Orleans. I'm in love with the bad girls club, blogging,cooking, and baking. I'm 17 and Tumblr has sort of become my life. I .am a goofy, silly child just trying to find my way in this intricate world.Someone has my heart. The roleplaying on here is fantastic. I'm a Senior in high school, college and the military are hopefuls. Tumblr is where I come to be creative and free, If you want to know more, just back that ask up.

Anyone go to Hofstra University?

It is really high up on my colleges list, I did early desicion today, I feel so confident about it. If I get a reasonable amount of money and acceptance I will go. What is the area like? How are the people? If you go to Hofstra, you should inbox me so we can chat, because I live in Louisiana and this is a big step.

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